Biryukov’s Gold

Screenplay and novel by Alan Nafzger.

A man finds gold in Eastern Russia… and he works to mine it… in hopes the Whites will win the civil war.

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Vasily Biryukov’s Character

Biryukov is a righteous fugative. He has killed a one of Lenin’s “saboteurs and propagandist” while in the Russian army. He kills him in a knife fight in the trenches of World War I.  Why? Biryukov’s character is pro-Russian from head to toe. Nothing would upset him more than Lenin’s “defeatists” trying to sabotage the war.

Our main character, Biryukov is a proud young man… typical of many that time. His grand father fought in Crimean War and then father fought in Russo-Turkish War, a family tradition.

And he is an Easter frontier Russian. Father a fur trapper and survivalist in wild Russia. He has inherited all these survival traits. He is a man that lives very near to nature; he thrives in nature. He is a hunter, a tracker and a trapper. He can survive with little food and he is very mobile and can travel faster and more stealthily than his opponents.

Also part of this story and the explanation for many of Biryukov problems is that every male member of his family has gotten into trouble when they visit civilization. They would be unscathed if they remained in the East. The farther West they have travel, the more difficulties they find themselves in. It was the same for his father and grandfather, and now Biryukov finds himself an outlaw from the new Bolshevik regime.
So, why did he go fight in the world war one?  It was his family’s tradition to join and fight.

So, why did he kill the communist agitator> His family has a tradition of getting into difficulties in the West of Russia.

The Story of Vasily Biryukov’s Gold

Biryukov kills the agitator and runs East to his home territory… Southeast Russia.

He follows tracks and finds a gold mine in the Kuznetsk Alatau, Kemerovo Oblast. There is a starving young girl, Anna, there but her grandfather is dead.

The dead grandfather has found the gold…. and of course he will make a fiancée of Anna. After a long courtship, they plan to share the gold and to runaway to Europe.

Several men, deserters from the White Army in the region, intercept them and try to rob them and Biryukov is forced to kill them.

Biryukov brings her off the mountain and finds a place for her to live in a village and he returns to mine the gold.

The Tsar and family are killed and Biryukov still digs for the gold under harsh conditions. has hope… but in the end the hope is dashed. He comes down from the mountain and the Red army is there. all hopes of running away to Europe with his lady friend are ended.

Several times each year Biryukov visits his fiancée in the village. Omsk falls to the reds and Abakan falls and he still digs. His only hope is to dig himself out of the legal and financial and political situation. It is back breaking work but the only possible solution and it might not be a solution at all, depending on the war.

At first Anna is distant to him. She is young, witnessed Biryukov kill. And she fears that he is stealing the gold, but she professes that she doesn’t want the gold. Their romance is not smooth.

Anna is 15 at the time she is discovered at the mine and she is 18 at the time the Red Army arrives. Biryukov is 20 at the time he discovers the mine and he is 23 when he and Anna fall in love. The process of falling in love and mining the gold takes 2 years.

All the time of the Russian civil war, Biryukov is in the mountains mining.

There is much sacrificed by Biryukov. Little food, harsh winters. He is separated from Anna.

There is a bit of light in November 1918, authority in Kemerovo passed to Admiral Kolchak.

And then he comes down from the mountain in 1919 he finds the Red Army.

Despite the ironic title of the screenplay, of course it is not Biryukov’s gold… Is it the girl’s gold… he is a good man and they are in love… but in the end it will be Lenin’s gold.



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Biryukov’s Gold

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