Justin Bieber Film Pitch

Prettyboy Hardhead - Justin Bieber is sentenced by a judge to one year enrollment in a Texas high school.

Justin Bieber plays himself.

Justin Bieber meets Friday Night Lights.

TITLE: Prettyboy Hardhead

Alternate TITLE, Wink and a Prayer

Story and screenplay by Alan Nafzger

When a young bad-boy pop star is involved in a drag racing episode, the judge sentences him to one year community service at the local high school.

Justin Bieber is a California songwriter and singer. We learn that Justin Bieber was first discovered through his YouTube music videos. Justin Bieber is signed to a recording agreement. His first EP is certified platinum. He is the first musician in history to have seven songs from a debut record to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. There are a slew of hits and Justin Bieber becomes a fixed celebrity.

Justin Bieber has receives many industry awards, Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album. With a international fan base and over 40 million teenage girl follow him on Twitter, he flies out of control and can’t grip the fame in a dignified way.

Justin has quite a few run-ins with the law before his I finally arrested in Texas.

He is ticketed for reckless driving in his neighborhood

He is sought in Brazil for vandalism, but he jets out of the country and the concert promoters settle the $10,000 damages to the hotel room.

Bieber’s neighbors blame Justin for throwing eggs. His manager pays the restitution. But, Justin is sentenced to serve two years’ probation, complete twelve weeks of anger management. Justin moves to Florida and is allowed to phone his California probation officer.

Everywhere Justin goes young girls throw themselves at him and he proves himself bad-mannered with women. One gets the feeling that he might not value relationships with females in the traditional way.

Justin is placed under arrest in Florida for driving with an over six month expired license and resisting arrest without violence. Police claim that Bieber told authorities he had consumed alcohol, smoked marijuana and taken prescription drugs. Bieber is fined $500 and sentenced to attend both a 12-hour anger management course and a program that teaches about the impact of drunken driving on victims. Also as part of the plea bargain, Justin makes a $50,000 contribution to the local children’s hospital.

Justin’s father arrives in Florida to bring him back to Phoenix to live with him. People close to Justin seem to think he needs his father. Justin is to be supervised by his father so that he will avoid more trouble.

Here the bio-pic pretty much ends and a fiction begins.

Leaving Florida to fly to Arizona, Justin gets high on the private G-6 with his father and some of the entourage. They refuse to follow the orders of the pilot to put extinguish the marijuana cigarette. The plane is so filled with smoke it becomes dangerous and the pilots make an emergency landing on a very short runway in Loving County Texas. There isn’t any evidence, as the drugs have been consumed. Justin and his father run through the desert to motel lights and sleep there for the night. The next morning they contact a lawyer who prohibits the authorities from taking a blood sample. The police and the FAA are flustered. The witnesses have scattered.

The pilot leaves Loving County Regional Airport early the next morning with an empty plane. The entourage leave for California by Greyhound bus.

When all this plays out on the national news, Justin is marooned in Loving without a plane. The local pilots will take them anywhere. They buy a new sports car and they are going to drive to Phoenix the next morning.

The night before they are to leave, Bieber is arrested and charged with assault and dangerous driving in a drag racing incident. There is a collision between the other car and Bieber’s sports car. There is a serious injury and the teenage girl is medi-vaced by helicopter to Odessa-Midland. Bieber then gets into a fist fight with the uninjured occupant of the minivan. A young man in the other car has his leg broken.

Justin Bieber appears in court with his lawyer, who blames the incident on “the unwelcome presence of paparazzi”. It is embarrassing because there nearest paparazzi are 800 miles away in Las Vegas. The lawyer doesn’t prepare and simply goes with the arguments he has used in the past to get his client out of a mess.

Before sentencing and in private, the judge is made aware of the deficit of football players at the high school. With only 70 male students in the high school and only of few of them capable of being real athletes, half the males are in the marching band.

We learn that the city is in constant crisis over finding about boys to field a football team. Many of the schools on the schedule are larger. The prosecutor is the wife of the football coach. In the judge’s private chambers, she wants Bieber to be ordered to play football.

It comes out in the sentencing portion of the trial that Justin has never attended school since the 6th grade. He was legally home schooled, but no one ever actually taught him anything. Making music and filling concert halls has been his only education.

The judge refuses to order Bieber to play football, but does figure that once on campus he will come around of his own free will.

Justin faces the choice of two years in a Texas juvenile correctional facility or his senior year enrolled in a high school.

Justin asks the judge, “Which high school?”

The judge responds, “Well, the only high school in 120 miles, son.”

Wink High School, the only school in Loving County, has an enrollment of 148

His father quickly abandons Justin and returns to Phoenix. He leaves directions that if he needs any help to call him. Justin’s manager has business with other entertainment acts, pays a year for Justin’s hotel room. The judge’s wife operates the town’s only hotel. Bieber’s manager gives him a debt card with only $100 per week, as ordered by the judge, and he leaves town.

Justin’s mother would come take care of him but she is busy managing the career of his little sister in Hollywood. Things have hit rock bottom for Bieber. He has been accustomed to being surrounded and smothered in attention and suddenly finds himself alone in a hotel room in the least populated.

The judges wife comes to the hotel room and wakes Justin the first day of school. She takes him to breakfast at the town’s one café. They have a heart to heart talk. She plays the mother and warns him they will want him to play football. She tries to tell him what sort of pressure he will face, because of his celebrity and because the town is “football crazy”. She is supportive whatever he chooses to do. It is the traditional first day as school talk between mother and son, but the woman isn’t his mom.

Once enrolled at Wink High School, Bieber’s celebrity doesn’t count for much. And on top of the West Texas celebrity apathy, Cathy Shultz, the young lady Justin injured was the head cheerleader and in line to be the class valedictorian. She has more star power than Bieber. Justin soon learns if he wants any friends he will need to go out for the school’s football team.

The first day, Justin is about to be beaten up by several football players. Cathy Shultz returns to school and isn’t bitter. In fact she persuades them not to harm Bieber.

Justin makes one friend, the middle linebacker, persuades him to try out for the football team. It seems that the outside linebacker leg was broken in the car accident. One of the smallest high schools in Texas a replacement isn’t easily found.

Memphis Cushing, the middle linebacker, is huge (6’3” 280 lbs) and hardly ever speaks. However he befriends Bieber. Memphis Cushing is humble and has a clear silent focus on the future, college and then professional football.

Bieber, with the help of Memphis, does make the team.

Cathy Shultz, Memphis and Bieber become close friends.

Memphis takes care of Justin on the football field. And Cathy takes care of him in the classroom. She tutors Justin and he learns to like school.

All along Justin carries with him a journal and makes notes about what he sees and learns at school. In the hotel room at night he has his keyboard and earphones. He is writing music. It is slow however; the school and the football practice drain him of energy. It also makes him too tired to get in trouble.

Some student visit the hotel and they try to get him to go throw eggs at the principals house. He politely refuses because he is too tired.

Slowly through the season Justin improves his football abilities. The lady hotel manager feeds him a football diet and Justin puts on weight. Justin develops bulk by lifting weights with Memphis every evening after practice.

Justin also makes progress in the classroom and actually learns and contributes from his own experience. He knows a little bit about geography, accounting and music of coarse. He is slowly fitting in to the school and appears nearly a normal young person.

The team is successful and Justin enjoys being a small part of the notoriety. His team mates nickname him “Prettyboy Hardhead” because of his use of his helmet in tackling opponent. Justin Bieber becomes a linebacker with a nose for hard tackling.

Justin Bieber is successful and respectful in his relationship with Cathy.

Before the final game to determine who will advance to the playoffs, there is a conflict with the injured football player who Bieber replaced at the first of the years. He wants his starting position back now that his leg is healed. He plots behind the scenes to turn people against Bieber. He spreads false rumors about Justin and Cathy.

He plants Texas Buckeye in Justin’s locker and then reports to the school officials that Justin is dealing drugs. When the Buckeye, that looks like marijuana, is analyzed Justin escapes punishment.

Finally, Justin is falsely accused of cheating on a test. Cathy and Memphis help Justin expose the plot.

While the radio broadcasters have named his friend Memphis defensive player of the game each and every week, after the big game Justin named to this award.

Justin makes other friends and by the end of the football season he isn’t the spoiled “celebrity bad boy” he was before. The odd extraordinary experience reforms Justin.




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